Tze Wei Lim

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Tze Wei provides you guidance that’ll safely get you stronger, play your sports better, and rehab you from your injuries.

He believes in educating you to be independent in your own training. Hence, you can expect to learn competent exercise techniques and identify technical flaws with his coaching.

If you are interested, he can also guide you on Olympic weightlifting, as that has been his main athletic pursuit since 2017. In fact, he’s been an athlete in multiple sports for the past twenty years, eight of which he also doubled up as a coach.

You can therefore feel safe approaching him no matter your background; his past clients range from those seeking weight loss for wedding, to beginner and experienced weightlifters.

With him, you will be developing your body awareness and technical competency in a safe environment, as that was the pivotal moment for him in appreciating quality coaching.

When you require, he will also tap on the scientific principles he learnt through formal education to dish out advices. The topics he studied include training optimisation, nutrition, recovery methods, etc.

If you’re aiming to achieve your training or sporting goals injury-free, he’d love to know you better!

Qualifications and Experiences

  • Deakin University Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
  • Edith Cowan University Master of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)
  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Club Coach Level 1
  • 2019 Singapore Weightlifting Age Group Challenge Champion (73kg weight category)
  • 2019 & 2021 Singapore National Weightlifting Opens 1st Runner-Up (73kg & 81kg weight categories respectively)

What Clients Say

Tze Wei’s approach to training is very holistic; he emphasises the equal importance of factors outside of the training sessions, such as having proper nutrition and good quality of rest. Other than focusing on core techniques, Tze Wei also introduces various stretches and accessory exercises to complement the training sessions. I especially appreciate his approach of prioritising quality over quantity, and always putting safety first to minimise any kind of injury.

Most importantly, beyond just having the right knowledge and skills as a trainer, Tze Wei genuinely cares about the overall well-being of his clients. I feel absolutely assured training with him knowing that he always has my best interest as heart. I’d definitely recommend Tze Wei as a trainer any day.” – Mrs Lavi

When I employed the services of Tze Wei, it had been two years since I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lumbar. For two years I avoided compound exercises, exercises I had done consistently and with progressive overload over the past ten years prior. My strength had declined significantly as well as the state of my physique.

Tze Wei took the time to understand my physical issues, the various pains and challenges acquired through bodybuilding. He was able to create a plan that worked and kept me motivated to continue. Over twenty sessions, we rebuilt not just my strength, but my confidence. Week by week, under his expert tutelage and excellent attention to detail, I went from deadlifting the bar to being able to deadlift two plates, in proper form. It was a far cry from what I lifted before but I did so now with good form and painlessly.” – Mr Chitty

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