Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilise my insurance coverage for your services?2020-11-06T17:22:46+08:00

If you have physiotherapy coverage on your insurance policy, your session may be claimable. Please verify with your insurance provider.

After your payment, a digital copy of the invoice or receipt will be provided. You’ll need it for your insurance claim.

Personal training services are not covered by insurance.

Where are you based at?2022-01-16T20:53:20+08:00

We’re based at Core Collective Dempsey and Anson.

Our team also do house calls, i.e. home gym, condo gym, and fitness corners.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?2020-11-06T17:22:34+08:00

You do not need a doctor’s letter. However, if you were provided with a doctor’s referral, please bring it along with you to attend your first physiotherapy treatment.

What are your rates?2022-01-16T20:50:51+08:00

Our house call rate is 120/hr and our Core Collective gym rate is 175/hr (150/hr promotion ends on Jan 22).

Why the difference between house call and gym rates?2022-01-17T11:47:22+08:00

The difference in rates is due to rental costs; Core Collective is a co-working gym for top wellness and fitness professionals. It provides top-tier facilities and environment, hence the difference.

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