Our Story


Worked Our Way to South East Asia’s Leading Swim Bike Run Media, Coaching and Events Company

Our company, formerly known as Second Wind Nation, was formed in 2015.

We covered the 2015, 2017, and 2019 SEA Games as media, and helped coached marathon and triathlon athletes that competed and medalled.


Pivoted to Personal Training and Software Services Due To The Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, we rebranded the company to ALLWIN Services.

ALLSET provides physiotherapy and personal training services.

The ALLWIN app was conceptualised to provide pose-recognition services.


Launched Online Coaching Platform, YouTube Channel, and Expanded Personal Training Team

The ALLSET team grew to three full-time trainers.

We started creating videos in-house and posted our first YouTube videos.

The ALLWIN web app improved to provide training plans for clients.


Focusing on Ageing as a Company

ALLSET shifted focus from training for performance to healthy ageing.

ALLWIN pivoted to a healthy ageing school.

We started our Health Geeks Podcast on YouTube.


Launched Healthy Ageing School and Consultancy

ALLSET expanded services to provide healthy ageing consultancy.

ALLWIN, our healthy ageing school, was launched in June.

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