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> 400 Satisfied Sessions and Counting

You’ll get customised sessions on, a platform built by us and used by the industry

> 250 Hours Watched on Our YouTube Channel

You’ll get quality educational videos produced by us to complement your ALLSET experience

20 Client Hours per Week Quality Assurance

We’ve set a cap on client-facing hours for our team so that we get up-skill time and you get quality service

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Improve Performance

Move Pain-Free

Recover From Injury

Manage Medical Condition

Lose/Gain Weight

Age Gracefully

Simple. Fuss-Free. Effective

Move, Eat, and Sleep Better

  • ALLSET Physiotherapy
  • ALLSET Strength and conditioning
  • ALLSET Nutrition coaching
  • ALLWIN Online coaching
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Allset Physiotherapy

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  • Cheval Lim, online coach / digital marketing lead
  • Patsy Soh, dietician
  • Jing Zhi Chua, founder / strength and conditioning coach
  • Jonas Ng, sport science lead / body composition coach
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Case Studies

Fitness and Health Assessment for Personal Training

Cutting an Hour off Marathon Personal Best to Go Sub-4 After One Year Running Hiatus

Peter Limb

Father Joins Sons for First Triathlon, Regains Shoulder Mobility

What Clients Say

“I used to do more of such strength training when I was back in the USA… Thank you for the couple workouts! We enjoyed the exercises planned every week!”

– Soh Rui Yong, national runner

“Thank you for designing my programme for the Berlin Marathon and helping me achieve a personal best of sub-4 hours. Most definitely wasn’t the easiest of clients to manage but Jing Zhi figured it out and was as calm as collected as anyone I know, which gave me confidence despite only having trained once a week sometimes.”

– Joe Hanney, fitness manager, Core Collective

“Jonas is a great coach to have. He plans programmes that specifically cater to your needs and always places his clients as his top priority. Words cannot do justice to the countless sacrifices he has made for me through the course of my journey. If you are lucky enough to have him as your trainer, know that you are in good hands.”

– Ong, 16-years-old powerlifter, dragon boat sprinter

“I have been with Jonas for a while now, and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with what’s happening so far. For one, I noticed that my strength and muscles control has increased by quite a lot. And think by the 10th session, I could really see my biceps getting bigger and started gaining some definition in my chest. I’m also definitely starting to get fitter. I normally hate running, but lately treadmill jogs have become easier and I don’t get winded as easily – so think quite safe to say that Jonas’s programme has helped to build muscle mass, neuromuscular strength and overall endurance improvement.”

– Colin, 34-years-old working adult

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