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Many Only Realise Their Health Problems When It Affects Their Life

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Increase Healthspan

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Active Ageing Starts Early

The earlier you start, the more control you have over your long term health.

Our Difference

We Are Creators of an Active Ageing School

Our ALLWIN platform educates self-coaches and health practitioners on active ageing.

We Can Save You >80% Time and Cost Learning About Active Ageing

We work with an extensive pool of doctors, researchers, and partners weekly to simplify industry content.

We Guide You As Fellow Active Agers

Our company’s values: compassion, betterment, and community.

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“I’m Sixty, but I Move as if I’m Younger. ”

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> 2500 Hours Watched on YouTube

> 1000 Satisfied Sessions

5 Stars on Google

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Be Our Next Successful Active Ager

“From Barely Being Able to Lift Myself off the Floor/Sofa to Squats, Planks, and Jumping off a Seat With No Hands!”

– Illka Gobius, CEO, Pinpoint PR

“After a Running Hiatus, I Smashed My Marathon Personal Best by an Hour to Go Sub-4.”

– Joe Hanney, Gym Manager

Peter Limb

“I Fixed My Frozen Shoulder and Joined My Sons for Our First Triathlon.”

– K.C. Chua, Construction Company Director

Great Locations

Core Collective Anson

Core Collective Dempsey

Core Collective Katong

An All-Star Team

Providing You Holistic Service

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Dietician
  • Physiotherapist

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How Your Experience Will Feel Like

“I used to do more of such strength training when I was back in the USA… Thank you for the couple workouts! We enjoyed the exercises planned every week!”

– Soh Rui Yong, national runner

“Thank you for designing my programme for the Berlin Marathon and helping me achieve a personal best of sub-4 hours. Most definitely wasn’t the easiest of clients to manage but Jing Zhi figured it out and was as calm as collected as anyone I know, which gave me confidence despite only having trained once a week sometimes.”

– Joe Hanney, fitness manager

“I’ve been working with Jing Zhi for about 5 months now and have been very pleased with the results! Through our sessions I’ve been able to reintroduce a consistent, challenging but at the same time realistic fitness regime into my life! Jing Zhi has been a pleasure to work with, always flexible and very knowledgeable!”

– Matthew Seah, lawyer

“Jing Zhi’s YouTube on IPPT really caught my attention and I decided to get his professional evaluation on the most time-efficient way to train to get the maximum output! All it took was 1 short hour of assessment (short runs, push ups and sit ups max reps) and he was very quick to analyse my shortfalls and prescribed ‘quick fixes’ and conditioning exercises that I could implement in my training program to maximise the gains! I’m truly impressed by his commitment and passion to fitness and strength training. Highly recommend you talk to this guy if you feel stuck in your training progress!”

– Edmund Khoo, fitness enthusiast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based at?2022-07-03T15:18:16+08:00

We’re based at the luxurious Core Collective Anson, Dempsey, and Katong.

It’s a co-working gym and we share the facility with our fellow health and fitness partners.

We find the arrangement a win-win for ourselves and our clients as it gives both parties support from a larger community.

What are your rates?2022-07-15T18:46:16+08:00

We offer in-person sessions at 125/h, 175/h, and 225/h.

We also provide online coaching at 450/month.

Contact us to find out more!

Do you do two-to-one sessions?2022-07-03T14:49:17+08:00

Yes, we do two-to-one sessions.

The second package also gets a 50% discount, so feel free to bring along your family member or friend!

What payment methods do you accept?2022-01-17T20:33:50+08:00

We prefer PayNow because there are no transfer fees, but we also accept credit/debit card payment through Stripe.

What do I wear for my sessions?2022-01-17T11:51:21+08:00

Loose comfortable clothing suitable for exercise works best!

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– 1 hour initial assessment
– One-to-One workout guidance

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