Peter Limb

Peter listens and he adjusts his therapy to my physical and mental state. Thanks to Peter, I have avoided what could have been a complicated medical problem that requires surgery. My life is now back to normal and I’ve resumed most of my physical training without any hiccup.

Chua Kok Chuan, Father of Four

Father Joins Sons for First Triathlon, Regains Shoulder Mobility

Kok Chuan first found out about us through his sons, who joined us for triathlon training back in 2017.

Upon our offer, he joined our training sessions and improved his weakest link, swimming.

Under our guidance, he also completed his first marathon .

We paused our group training sessions during the pandemic, and kept in touch through impromptu training meet ups. That was when he first told us about his nagging shoulder and neck issues.

I referred him to our physiotherapist Peter, who he worked with for three months.

In that three months, he was able to hop back onto the bike.

He’s back to training and is looking forward to races after the pandemic.

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