Cheval Lim

Online coach / Digital Marketing Lead

Cheval is currently an undergraduate student in Physiotherapy with a position on the Dean’s List.

He thinks that while the physiology of exercise is complex, training principles should be simple.

As a proponent of person-centred coaching, he believes that coaching goes beyond tell-and-do, but should also encompass thorough explanation of the training prescription.

To Cheval, bringing the athlete on-board the decision-making process is pivotal in ensuring commitment to the training plan and eventual success.

Being an avid cyclist, his expertise lies in enhancing on-bike cycling performance and off-bike strength and conditioning work.

With his certification in Personal Training (ACE-CPT) and background in Physiotherapy/Psychology (diploma), his knowledge could bring you closer to attaining your next milestone.

Qualifications and Experiences

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2019/2020 Dean’s List, Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, SIT

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