Jing Zhi Chua

Founder / Strength and conditioning coach

Jing Zhi believes your health can drastically impact those around you.

Keeping yourself healthy ripples. Just like an act of kindness.

He has hence started various health, fitness, and sports businesses as he wishes to see more of such ripples in the world.

If your aim is to improve your health and performance, you can be sure his strength and conditioning sessions will be of value to you.

Money-back guaranteed.

This is because he holds himself accountable to the values of compassion, betterment, and community.

His satisfied clients thus far include Southeast Asia Games champions, elite age-groupers, as well as executives who are new to health routines.

In his competitive years, he was the NUS Aquathlon varsity team’s vice-captain and a frequent podium finisher at endurance races. He has also completed multiple Ironmans and ultra-marathons.

To serve clients better, he has spent the past six years improving his coaching, video production, and even software engineering skills.

The ALLSET brand and ALLWIN coaching web app are his latest works.

To this day, he remains an avid athlete, keeping in check his commitments as a health tech startup founder and CEO.

Qualifications and Experiences

  • IAAF CECS Level 1
  • Triathlon Singapore Level 1
  • Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1
  • YTT 200hr
  • Ex Commando Captain (Regular)
  • BSc. Project and Facilities Management, National University of Singapore

What Clients Say

“I used to do more of such strength training when I was back in the USA… Thank you for the couple workouts! We enjoyed the exercises planned every week!” – Soh Rui Yong, 2 x SEA Games Champion and Singapore national record holder from 5k to Marathon

“Coach Jing Zhi trains and cares about his athletes in a wholesome manner, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. For the lead up to my first SEA Games marathon, he has played a key role in ensuring my everyday well-being.” – Serena Teoh, national marathoner

“Thank you for designing my programme for the Berlin Marathon and helping me achieve a personal best of sub-4 hours. Most definitely wasn’t the easiest of clients to manage but Jing Zhi figured it out and was as calm as collected as anyone I know, which gave me confidence despite only having trained once a week sometimes.” – Joe Hanney, fitness manager, Core Collective