Yi Xuan Ang

Exercise Physiologist/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Yi Xuan is a sport science undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University.

She believes that exercise has effects on various aspects of your general health, including the prevention of chronic diseases and overall wellbeing.

Through small yet actionable changes, she aims to assist you in building a sustainable lifestyle that allows for pain-free movements.

Her passions lie in strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, as well as the neuroscience of exercise. That aside, she has five years of competitive basketball experience under her belt.

Having previously suffered from an ACL injury, she sympathises with those who are recovering from injuries and working towards full return to sports. She continues to participate in a variety of sports at a recreational level, including basketball, frisbee and bouldering.

Qualifications and Experiences

  • NTU Sport Science and Management undergraduate (second upper)
  • Involved in 2 research projects on neuroscience and exercise