Your Onboarding Process

15 min phone call

Your Initial Phone Call

  • Free of charge
  • Clarify your queries
  • Express your goals
  • Align our expectations
  • Choose/Get matched with your physio/trainer
  • Schedule your first in-person session
  • Done within 15 minutes

Your One Hour Session

  • Get your condition/movement assessed
  • Understand your body
  • Review your goals
  • Design your action plan
  • Create/update your online coaching ALLWIN account
  • Schedule your follow up (if applicable)
  • Process your payment

Your Quick Check-In

  • State your follow up request (if any)
  • Redo your 15 min phone call consult (if applicable)
  • Rate your satisfaction level
  • Reach out to us or we’ll reach out to you in 30 days

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