Founder’s Letter: Three Major Updates Heading Into 2022

Dear Allsetters,

Thank you for supporting the ALLSET team in 2021.

Because of you, we were able to:

  • Grow from one to three full-timers
  • Go from no YouTube channel to >500hours of watch time
  • Complete more than 500 hours of personal training sessions despite the pandemic

Most importantly, we saw you struggle, work hard, and triumph.

We thank you for being there for us, as much as we want to be there for you.

To reciprocate the support, we have news heading into 2022.

150/h Rate to Remain For Existing Clients, 175/h Rate For New Signups From February Onwards

Firstly, we want to reinforce that there will be no change in personal training rates if you’re an existing client.

At the same time, we are making the tough decision to charge higher for clients who join us from February onwards.

This is because Singapore-based companies qualify for:

  • 75% exemption on the first 100k of normal chargeable income; and
  • A further 50% exemption on the next 100k of normal chargeable income

We are currently around the 80k revenue mark and by the end of the next year, will likely need to pay corporate tax in full.

In fact, the momentum we’ve built in the last three months likely means we’ll need to account for GST within the next two years.

We are therefore increasing the rate for our sessions at Core Collective so that you can continue to receive services from top-quality trainers.

To be clear, there will be no change to our house call rate of 120/h. This is because:

  1. It’s in line with our mission of making health services more accessible to everyone
  2. We have been bearing the rental costs for gym sessions and not house calls

If you know someone who is considering personal training, now’s the time to share with them our special offer. It ends in January.

Weightlifting Workshop Pre-Launch (Early Birds Get Discounts)

Secondly, we are pre-launching olympic weightlifting workshops in this month.

You can now sign up at the early bird rate.

Consistent with the way we’ve been working, our first customers will get rewarded the most.

The key details:

  • 22 Jan 2022, Saturday 1pm-2pm
  • Usual prices are 120 per session, 25% discount for January pre-launch period
  • 5 pax maximum (there will be a waitlist)

Simply reach out to us to enquire or check out the workshop’s page for more information.

More Locations, Partners, and Videos

Lastly, you’ll be getting more options and offerings from us.

This includes services from a third location: Katong I12.

As you might know, we have been based at Core Collective since their Anson days. We then expanded alongside them when Dempsey opened. Come Q2 next year, they will be expanding to Katong I12, and we will be offering our services at the new location too.

The good news is that you can now pre-register to secure the existing January rates.

The third location aside, you can also expect more videos from us.

The rest of the team are stepping up to create content on their niche fields, and I’ll be continuing to produce content too.

Speaking of which, some of these videos will feature partnership announcements.

We are in the midst of bringing you more perks as an ALLWIN client, and these include discounts as well as freebies. For now, we have a few partners lined up, and more are in the talks. You’re sure to find out the specific details in the coming months.

So stay tuned.

Follow our social media accounts, and if you want concise information, subscribe to our newsletter.

Jing Zhi Chua