How to Train for IPPT: Push Up

How can you get maximum points for your IPPT with minimum training? There aren’t any time-efficient, science-based IPPT guide around, so here’s the first part of our IPPT ‘Sports Science Simplified’ series focusing on push ups!


  1. When viewed from the top, your hands and your body should form an arrow shape. Researchers advise keeping hands less than 60 degrees away from your body and shoulder-width apart.
  2. Point your fingers forward or outward, and externally rotate your hands like you’re tearing a piece of paper on the floor. This helps you engage more muscles.
  3. Tuck your tailbone in, and straighten your knees.
  4. Actively pull the ground towards you so that you don’t need to reset your form every rep.

Assisted Push Ups

Utilise assisted push ups if you can’t do five reps (yet).

  1. Variations of assisted push ups: Knees on the ground, incline push ups, and bands at the hips.
  2. Once you can do five reps of an assisted push up, make a progression.
  3. Incline push ups

Getting Maximum Reps

  1. First, do a max rep test to determine your starting point.
  2. Do 3–5 sets of 80–90% effort at least twice a week.
  3. Rest 2–5 minutes between sets.
  4. Increase rep count per set for three weeks, then have a ‘deload’ week.
  5. Repeat the cycle of three weeks progress and one-week deload.


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