Huawei GT3: Top 10 Reasons to Buy/Not Buy

We spent the past two months reviewing the Huawei GT3 and this article is a summary of our video ‘Huawei GT3: Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Not to Buy The Watch.’

1. Value for Money

The GT3 is a competitor to the Apple Watch and Garmin Venu 2 series.

However, it’s half the price.

In Singapore, the GT3 is priced at $298, while the Apple Watch and Venu 2 costs upwards of $599.

2. AI Running Coach

A few the features that are find especially useful are that

1. the training plan adapts to you

2. your heart rate zones are clearly shown when you’re running

3. the voice cues works great

4. you can manually adjust the treadmill distance for accuracy after your workout

5. you can measure your recovery HR after workout.

Other watches have tried to implement some of these features, but none has executed as well as Huawei, in terms of user-experience.

3. Heart rate, GPS, and SPO2 Accuracy

We tested GPS locally and it performed decent, even under MacRitchie reservoir’s tree cover.

Likewise, we tested the SPO2 for ourselves and it’s fairly accurate.

The heart race accuracy is one of the best on smartwatches, as reviewed by The Quantified Scientist.

4. Battery Life

For typical usage, the GT3 lasts longer than its competitors.

Apple Watch: 18 hours

Garmin Venu 2: 11 days

Huawei GT3: 14 days

5. Triathlon Mode

At the point of review, it’s the cheapest watch with both open water swim and triathlon mode.

6. Looks and Comfort

The GT3, which spots an AMOLED display, is versatile enough for both sports and the boardroom.

It’s also comfortable enough to wear all-day.

7. Ecosystem

The Huawei ecosystem is not as robust as Apple’s and Garmin’s.

For runners, connecting to Spotify and Strava remains an issue.

8. Sleep Accuracy

According to The Quantified Scientist, the GT3 isn’t able to detect REM sleep accurately, resulting in inaccurate sleep cycle data.

9. Custom Data Field

You can’t customise the data fields shown on the GT3 when you workout.

10. Auto Wake Up

The screen, after a few weeks of usage, stopped lighting up upon wrist flips.