How to Choose a Personal Trainer in Singapore

There are five main variables you should consider when choosing a personal trainer in Singapore.

If you need a second opinion or guidance, check out our personal training service where we offer a free phone call consultation.

1. Location

Key decision: House call, gym, or hybrid?

House calls are cheaper and more convenient, but equipment and consequently progression might be limited.

Gyms are more expensive due to rental costs, but it provides you with more variety and room for progress.

Hybrid starts you off with house calls and then offers you a gym alternative, i.e. what we offer.

2. Business Model

Key decision: Freelancer, SMES, or large gyms?

Freelancers pay themselves in full, hence you should be getting better rates. However, they juggle all aspects of the business on their own. Sustainability and quality is a juggling act and most trainers don’t last long as freelancers, i.e. they usually join another company or start their own SME.

SMEs usually have a unique selling point or growth story, or both. For example, we’ve partners like Decathlon, EGN, and AIA, and our app is backed by SportSG.

Trainers are either attached on a full-time, part-time, or freelance basis. Decide if the unique selling point and growth story matter to you.

Large gyms offer memberships and personal training as an upsell/add-on service. Most of your payment will go to the gym instead of the trainers. Decide if this model works best for you because of the larger gym offering.

3. Niche

Key decision: Does the speciality of the trainer matter to you?

Most trainers will be familiar with general strength and conditioning, weight loss, and body transformation. However, some outfits will charge a premium because they have a proven record.

Other niches include chronic health, specific sports, unique training methods and pre/post natal.

Also note there’s cross-over effect when trainers with different niches work together, just like our setup.

If you have a medical condition, injury, or specific time-bound goals, we recommend you go to someone who’s familiar with your case.

4. Pricing

Key decision: Pay more for trainers with a proven record or less for freshly certified trainers?

Like most industries, more experienced and proven trainers are paid more.

This is because they’ve experienced more mistakes, and learnt more efficient ways to train a variety of clients. Experienced trainers also understand the market better.

For example, we make sure our rates are reasonable not just to maintain our level of service, but also keep improving.

5. Personality

Key decision: Do the story, personality, and attitude of the trainer matter to you?

Some trainers help you with exercises, but the best in the industry often go beyond that.

Finding a suitable trainer for yourself helps you get your bang for the buck.

If pricing is not a key-determining factor, we recommend you find someone that can empathise with you and make your experience more enjoyable.


If you need help with your decision, feel free to check out our personal training service where we offer a free phone call consultation.

We’ll recommend someone that fits you within our team, or we’ll introduce you to our friends in this industry. No commitment to us is required; you make the final decision!